ways to make money from your photos


From the editors of the Photopreneur came out an e-book from them of a “99 ways to make money from your photos”. It is the most comprehensive e-book listing out a ways to make money from your photos. They describe it in detail on each of every ways to make money from your photos. If you have been a hobbyist photographer or someone who already have their basic photography that can produce good photos, you might wanna consider to get this e-book and start to experiment on each of the 99 list they put together. Almost all of the list it can be applied to anyone who still got their day job and you don’t even have to quit your job.

I myself currently using few of the way they listed and I get good pay from the photos I produced. The best part of this, you can sell multiple times from one single image and you still own it. Packed with insider tips, practical strategies, and case studies, the editors of the successful Photopreneur blog reveal 99 creative ways to make money from your photography. Each chapter reveals what to shoot, how to break in, and where to go to generate sales. Discover how to sell stock, approach galleries, host your own exhibition, earn with Flickr, shoot for social networking sites, create and market photo products, form joint ventures, upsell your event photography and much, much more.

“99 ways to make money from your photos”

This e-book also available in Kindle edition for only $9.99

It is also available in paperback and can be purchase through Amazon Buy Now

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