Recently I got the opportunity to work with Tembara River Cruise at Serusup Village Tuaran. What is this place you might ask. Well it is a one place that you can experience a short getaway from the city. It is about 42KM from Kota Kinabalu City.

Aerial view

How to get there

  • Tour operators – There are several tour operators run the tour to Tembara. One of them is Trek FInder Tours. When go through with tour operators, they will provide transportation and as well as to make reservation for you at Tembara so they can accommodate you in their tour.
  • Drive yourself – You may be like to be more adventurous and rent a car to get there. The good news is, you can actually Google Tembara and get the direction from Google map to help you get there. But before heading there, you might want to contact them first to see if they can accommodate you.
  • Grabcar/Uber/Taxi – These modes of transportation certainly can take you there. Please be sure the let them know it is at Kampung Serusup, Tuaran


The activities

There are several activities you can do at Tembara:

  1. River cruise – The cruise includes of visiting the Penimbawan Bajau Water Village and have short walk around the village, visit the Oyster farm which can only be access by boat to the farm. Later have a quick stop at the Dusun village plank walk through the mangrove forest. This mangrove forest visit is very interesting and educational. The cruise also includes fireflies watching in the evening. Witness a thousand glittering lights of the fireflies, usually best to see them when it really dark, they usually less visible during full moon. This river cruise is actually includes dinner too.
  2. Camping – spending a night at Tembara in a tent is very nice experience. The place is very quiet and away from the busyness. In a good weather condition will promise you a starry night. Those who likes Astrophotography capturing the Milky way, this will be a good place.
  3. Kayaking – You have a very huge area which can be explore by just with the kayak. The place is amazing itself to paddle around.
  4. Crab catching – it is more like dropping your crab trap and return later to check your crab trap. This is also done during river cruise.

The mangrove forest

The overall experience can be fun, educational and energising(especially camping). I recommend to contact them directly if you need more info or to book. They currently don’t do accept walk-in guest. You may wanna check them out at www.tembararivercruise.com or follow them on Instagram @tembaracruise



The fisherman


Dusun Village jetty


Fisherman with Mount Kinabalu


Penimbawan village jetty


Oyster farm

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